Dear visitors,
I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ
Daniel Web-Builders and Marketing cc is a close cooperation officially registered in South Africa (Reg number: 2008/072512/23).
The aim of the company is to make easy the website tool to every body so that each of us can benefit the wonderful technology of this time.
Our service is without any doubt helpful for both individuals and companies.
How can you have a business without doing marketing or advertisement?
There are many tools of marketing but having a website is one of the best:
Your company or business will be online.
People or visitors will read all about your company.
People or visitors can download your documents and attachments.
People or visitors can view or download your videos.
You do not need to post your documents to your partners, because it is easy for them to download the documents from where ever they are.
Very cheap to market your business via your website
And more…
If we do not build a website for your company, you can build it yourself. If you would like to learn how to build or maintain your website, our company is well experienced to satisfy you.
There are two ways to become a Web designer:
either by going to school or by “self- taught”
Daniel Web-Builders and Marketing cc can train you in 32 hours from where ever you are. I advice you to read carefully our websites for your understanding.
How I became a Web designer?
I went to a college that could not satisfy me because the course program was like stars in the sky. I decided to learn by myself through internet in 2007. I learn a lot ( website languages, navigators and editors).
This means that you can do the same.
To make things easy and official, I have created a training college called: Daniel Web-Training College (Reg.N0. 2010/029903/23, this College is the training department of Daniel Web-Builders and Marketing cc
I would like you to benefit the experience I have because I have learnt the best way to train a candidate in 32 hours and you become a professional Web designer.
Once you have been trained by us, the recruitment is easy because we know how we are going to use your talent. Also, if you can not work for us, we advice you how you can start your own business.
The portfolio of our work may convince you but being an humble company, we certify you that we can learn from the way you would like us to design your website or to train you.

Thank you
Daniel O.
Email: danielmarketeur@gmail.comĀ