About Us

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Daniel Web-Builders and Marketing is a group of experienced Web designers in South Africa. The company offers the following services since 2008:

  1. Web Designing
  2. Social Media campaign
  3. Advertisement Publishing
  4. Website Search Engine optimization
  5. Software development and customization
  6. Multi Level Marketing Website
  7. Client Resource Management Website
  8. Web Hosting
  9. Gif Banner Design
  10. Flash Banner Design
  11. Online Videos
  12. Email Marketing Campaigns
  13. Google Ad words.
  14. Web Design and Graphic Courses
  15. Computer Literacy Courses

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Web Design Courses   Domain Registration

Below you can find some of our prices related to websites

Pro standard website Animation,pictures,03 pages,online Registration from or contact form,metaTags,video if you have a You Tube account, social media. R500
Standard Professional Website One year registration of domain name.One month hosting.Animation, pictures, 08 pages maximum, counter, date, online registration forms, flash movie, album photos.Unlimited email accounts.Facebook, twitter, linkedin, video, meta tags, and 30days free maintenance from the date of the first payment. R1000
Classified website A +classified adverts, listing categories.One year registration of the domain name and one month hosting.30 days free maintenance from the date the work is done.This package may involve the CMS script such as Mambo, Joomla, word press, open class, tutor drupal or any other program according to the demand of the client.  R1500
Classified Website B + Online classified forms, membership management, login and logout,
Advert placement, newsletters, popular, Wrapper, easy to learn for personal update. 
One year registration of domain name and one Month hosting 
30 days free maintenance from the date of your first payment. 
This package may involve the CMS script such as Mambo, Joomla, Word Press, Open class, A Tutor, Drupal or any other program according to the demand of the 
Online shopping website   
We configure and customize your website using suitable online software such as

Including two months hosting,
One year registration of domain name.
Cube cart and Zen cart. 
easy way to update products, client management, E-mail news letters tool, mailing list, Secure web pages for members or clients, client shopping basket, login and register form, multi languages web pages, availability of different ways of payment…
30 days free maintenance from the date of your first payment.


Pro CMS website  Website Including 1 Month Hosting,
One year registration of domain name. membership management, E-mail news letters tool, Blog and discussion Forum, Secure web pages for members or clients, board and volunteers, free support for Add-on (the domains of your clients can be registered under your domain).Easy updates by yourself, advert placement and search tools,
30 days free maintenance from the date of your first payment
Script install Here we install and configure any script (CMS) for you and we give youlogin details as an administrator soThat you can develop your web pages. Training is available on request.
One year registration of domain name and one Month hosting


Web design companies in South Africa    web design coursesFor more details about our prices, please, visit http://prowebdesigns.co.za/billing/cart.php

All we commonly know is that people value the first impression in Web Design that means the look of the site. We also focus on the Search Engine requirements to improve the ranking of each and every website we design for our clients.  We do not hesitate to give you our testimonial of our clients and those who were able to maintain their websites after a successful training session.

vimax ThemeThis is a few list of recent clients




STOKERS GOLF www.strokersgolf.com 
COMBINZ (MLM ) www.combinz.com 
EMPOWERMENT PROJECT ( MLM ) http://dsempowermentproject.com/
KGEM,PLACEMENT AGENCY http://www.kgem.co.za 
REDEMEER’S END TIME REVIVAL CHURCH www.endtimerevivalfires.org 
MODARTE http://www.modarte.co.za/ 
PINTO REAL ESTATES www.pintoestates.co.za/ 
YOORBIS www.yoorbis.com 
DALLAS PROPERTIES http://www.dallasproperties.co.za/ 
JOB MAILING http://jobmailing.co.za/
ANNONCES CONGO KINSHASA http://annoncescongokinshasa.com/
HOUSE OF ENGLISH http://houseofenglish.co.za/
LEAN MUSCLES http://leanmusclesa.co.za/ 
KPRM CONSULTING AGENCY http://kprm.co.za/
NMTE CASEAR STONE, MARBLE & GRANITE http://www.nmtegranite.co.za/ 
AUTO CAR SOUND SECURITY http://www.autocarsoundsecurity.co.za/ 
VIMAX SOUTH AFRICA http://vimaxsouthafrica.co.za/ 
UNITED DRIVING SCHOOL http://uniteddrivingschool.co.za/
FAST MOVE SECURITY http://www.fastmovesecurity.co.za/
OZALLA HEXAGONAL TECHNOLOGY (OHT)  http://www.ozalla.com 

Also, we would like to introduce you to our official websites  which are as follows:


Here you can get all information about our company and we offer our services to Small and Medium size businesses.
Search engine and optimization, that is the process of creating the visibility of a quality website in a search engine, the more the website is visible the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users.
Here you can get professionally created design files for building a web site. That’s where you can see the designs which has been done by Daniel Web-builders
Here is our searching optimization tools it automatically makes sure that your website has a good quality landing page and ranking position.
That’s where we host our clients by showing and give good services
www.topadvert.co.za/listing   and  www.topadverts.co.za 
This is a classified Website where we market products and services
This is for training and network processing
Daniel Web-Builders and Marketing cc is In partnership with EKHUKHANYENI COMMUNITY TRAINING CENTER,
So for
>>>>We contribute to the promotion of businesses through online marketing services
>>>>We train young people to become Web Designers and contribute to the strategies of Self- Employment